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A totally unique motorsport experience without limits

PalmerSport guests spend a full day driving an unrivalled collection of performance cars, against the clock, at Bedford Autodrome. Our spacious run-off areas allow participants the unique freedom to drive harder and faster than anywhere else in the world, with outstanding safety, in an inspiring environment with superb food and hospitality.

PalmerSport offers a heart-stopping, exhilarating and unforgettable driving experience, whether you join us as an individual with family or friends, or as part of a corporate group.


Our Vehicles


Caterham PalmerSport Edition

Palmer JP-LM

Formula 3000

Ginetta G56 GTA

Land Rover Defender

Caterham Pursuit

Sodi GT5 Kart

Bedford Autodrome

Keeping you fuelled - high-speed hospitality

PalmerSport - Keeping you fuelled - high-speed hospitality

PalmerSport is about more than just driving. Our entire venue has been engineered to offer comfortable surroundings, all-weather protection and catering of the highest standard. All our suites overlook the track, so even when you are networking or socialising, you are right by the action. And from the moment you arrive, you will be looked after by our exceptional hosts and instructors.

Jonathan Palmer: Motorsport Maestro

PalmerSport - Jonathan Palmer: Motorsport Maestro

Former Formula 1 driver, BBC commentator and multiple race circuit owner Jonathan Palmer established PalmerSport nearly 30 years ago. He wanted to find a way to share his passion for motorsport, and to recreate the exhilaration that only comes from being behind the wheel of a racing car. That philosophy has endured, and PalmerSport remains the best driving experience in the world and the dominant market leader.

Jonathan Palmer: Motorsport Maestro [1]
Jonathan Palmer: Motorsport Maestro [2]
Jonathan Palmer: Motorsport Maestro [3]

Upcoming Special Events

Friends and Family Day
13 April 2024

Bragging rights are always at stake at PalmerSport, but especially so on our dedicated Friends and Family Days. Our first date of the season will be Saturday 13 April, so why not dust off the driving gloves and push yourself to the limit alongside some special people in your life?

Special Extended Driving Event
18 May 2024

PalmerSport is running the first of its special Extended Driving Events at Bedford Autodrome on Saturday 18 May, featuring two sessions in the Ginetta G56 GTA, Formula 3000 single-seater, Palmer JP-LM and the Caterham Seven.

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