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Bedford Autodrome

Former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer spent more than 12 months painstakingly designing the world's most extensive, thrilling and safe motorsport complex: Bedford Autodrome, with four tracks totalling over five miles of tarmac comprising endless straights, flat out curves, challenging bends and slide-inducing hairpins.

The whole philosophy behind PalmerSport, making it so different to any other motorsport event, is that we want you to go as fast as you possibly can. This is why Bedford Autodrome was created specifically with flat out driving - but not motor racing - in mind. There are no Armco barriers, concrete walls or grandstands hemming-in the circuits, just endless runoff and acres of grass.

With the comfort of knowing there's nothing to hit but the rev limiter, and a professional instructor sitting right alongside, you will have the confidence to push our cars and yourself harder than you ever thought possible.

By running four circuits simultaneously, we keep your waiting time to a minimum and maximise your driving time. You'll still have opportunities to relax in one of our comfortable trackside hospitality suites, swapping stories and watching the live timing screens, before you're whisked away for your next adventure at PalmerSport.
The 2019 line up:
Every guest drives every car in one perfect day. For details and prices call us on +44 (0)1403 733 999


Bedford Autodrome Location

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