Caterham 7 Superlight: Seventh Heaven


Caterham 7 Superlight

Caterhams have featured at PalmerSport since the beginning, and with good reason: even though the design of this seminal sports car dates back almost six decades, few vehicles come close to its power-to-weight ratio, raw speed, and reflex-responsive controllability.

We exercise these cars on our tailor-made East circuit, where they tackle the track in a series of spectacular slides...

Top Speed: 130 mph
0-60mph: 4.8 secs
Power: 286 bhp/tonne (175bhp)
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Scoring: Fastest Lap
Circuit: East / Pursuit
Live Timing: Yes
The 2019 line up:
Every guest drives every car in one perfect day. For details and prices call us on +44 (0)1403 733 999


Bedford Autodrome Location

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