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First Class Engineering

Maintaining a fleet of over 100 vehicles to PalmerSport standards is a monumental task - every single one has to be fit and ready to be driven to its limit all day, every day.

This is why we employ a great team of engineers, most hand-picked from top racing teams including Formula 1. We don't just replace consumables like tyres and brake pads - our cars follow a rigorous schedule of maintenance where parts are lifed and replaced regardless of condition, just as they are in the safety-dominated aircraft industry.

By applying such standards we can ensure that our cars are not only supremely reliable and safe, but as identical as they can possibly be. Equality of vehicle performance is a vital component in the PalmerSport experience: if you win one of our coveted trophies, you'll know it's because you were simply the fastest driver out there.
The 2019 line up:
Every guest drives every car in one perfect day. For details and prices call us on +44 (0)1403 733 999


Bedford Autodrome Location

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