Land Rover Defender: Off Road King


Land Rover Defender

If you're hoping our Defenders will give you time to relax between racing cars - think again. Unless you apply as much skill, concentration and bravery as you do on the track you'll have no chance of successfully negotiating your way down rockstrewn paths, through rivers and up slopes you'll barely believe even a 4x4 could scale.

Max Climb Angle: 45 degrees
Max Side Tilt Angle: 35 degrees
Wading Depth: 500mm
Drive System: Dual-Range 4x4 & Locking Diff
Scoring: Highest Score
Circuit: Off Road
The 2019 line up:
Every guest drives every car in one perfect day. For details and prices call us on +44 (0)1403 733 999


Bedford Autodrome Location

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