Bedford Autodrome at a glance...

West Circuit
South Circuit
North Circuit
East Circuit
North Activity Area

West Circuit


The longest of the four, our West circuit includes the main pits complex of 20 garages. The layout features some fabulous sweeping corners where you experience corner speeds of 100mph, right on the limit, in perfect safety.

Length: 1.85 mile
Corners: 12
Cars: Formula 3000
Palmer Jaguar JP-LM
Suites: 2
Garages: 20

South Circuit


The South circuit is home to the muscular BMW M2 Competition It includes the full range of 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear corners, and for a true adrenaline-charged challenge, nothing beats the first high speed chicane, as you flick left and right at 90mph!

Length: 1.5 mile
Corners: 9
Cars: BMW M2 Competition
SuperRide (Extra)
Suites: 1
Garages: 8

North Circuit


The North circuit features the most recent addition to the PalmerSport fleet - the Renault clio Cup race car. The long straight and challenging corners give you the space to really exploit its 4 cylinder turbo engine and its go kart-like handling.

Length: 1.00 mile
Corners: 7
Cars: Renault Clio Cup
Suites: 1
Garages: 8

East Circuit


The sinuous East circuit is now home to our fleet of Caterham Sevens, and you can test their pace and agility to the full here. The masses of run-off area means overdoing it leads to nothing more than an innocent spin on the grass.

Length: 0.75 mile
Corners: 8
Cars: Caterham Seven
Suites: 1
Garages: 8


Northern Activity Area


Our Northern Activity area houses our Caterham Pursuit event, featuring two identical mirror-image courses plus a viewing balcony. It also serves as the base for our off-road activity.


Land Rover Defender
Caterham Pursuit

Suites: 1

Bedford Aerodrome


Fly in to Palmersport

Bedford Aerodrome is a licensed airfield owned and operated by MotorSport Vision Ltd (MSV).

Bedford Aerodrome mainly serves visitors to PalmerSport, but is available to other users on request. With a 1,000m runway, it is capable of accommodating Public Transport flights typically up to King Air B200 aircraft, and light jets operated privately, subject to the pilot's discretion. Further information can be found at

Hospitality Suites


The highest standards at every turn...

Our modern suites, located right by the circuits, form the base for your day at PalmerSport. You'll arrive here for sign-on and registration, which is followed by a first-class breakfast and a video briefing on what lies ahead. You'll be whisked back in luxury on one of our PalmerSport buses for a waitress-served lunch, and return for afternoon tea and a prize-giving ceremony at the end of the event.

The 2019 line up:
Every guest drives every car in one perfect day. For details and prices call us on +44 (0)1403 733 999


Bedford Autodrome Location

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